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Shorts Program: Safe Space




Rutgers Paul Robeson Center - Theater #2 - Sunday April 16 - 12:15p

Safe Space (shorts program)

In the midst of a renewed assault on the rights of LGBTQ+ BIPOC people, a visit to the past…and a celebration of the spaces where we’ve come together as a community.


Inspired by the real-world Lavender Scare of the late 1950, the tale of Willi, a young queer man whose world is shattered by the mysterious disappearance of his love, Hector. Directed by Jorge Garcia, United States, 14 minutes. Stars Minh Nguyen, Scot Scurlock, Connor Neun and Jana Henry. Writers: Jorge Garcia, Jesse Li White and Haley Mueller. Producer: Logan Sork


Oral History

The true love story behind New Orleans' last remaining gay leather bar.  Directed by Vaughn Trudeau, United States, 15 minutes. Producers: Darcy McKinnon and Jane Geisler



Formed in 1981 with a radical vision to welcome all players regardless of prior experience, the Prospect Park Women’s Softball League remains a place where women meet across differences of race, economic class, sexual orientation, education, religion, and gender identity to play softball.  Directed by Melanie Hope, United States, 21 minutes. Features Yolanda L. Jackson and Donna Lopiano. Writer/Producer: Melanie Hope


No Siren Left Behind

This chronicle of the pioneering Sirens motorcycle club, its place within New York City’s queer culture, and the impact it has had on the lives of its members--now intergenerational and inclusive of trans women--is told largely in the members’ own voices, reflecting the power of sisterhood within a chosen family.   Directed by Shirin Barghi and Martine Granby, United States, 25 minutes. Features Cheryl Stewart, Jen Baquial, KT Ballantine, Andrea Sears and Kim Wetzel.

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