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Shorts Program: Date Night




NJ PAC Horizon Foundation Theater - Saturday April 15 - 6:00p

Date Night - Shorts Program

An assortment of loves found and loves lost…and all the points in between

Lovie Dovie

Marine life enthusiast Dovie St. James must come to terms with her sexuality when she is unexpectedly charmed by the new girl in her class. Directed/animated by Francesca Brescia, United States, 4 minutes.


To All That We Are

Two non-binary young adults embark on a dream-like journey of self-discovery and acceptance as they navigate the complexities of love and identity. Directed by Kristian Cahatol, United States, 5 minutes. Stars Talia Wedin and Kristian Cahatol. Writer: Kristian Cahatol Producer: Mackenzie Leigh and Ryan Ward



Struggling to get over her ex-girlfriend, Gabriela impulsively decides to drop into an old job, where she unexpectedly runs into a friend from her past. Directed by April Maxey, United States, 8 minutes. Stars Marisela Zumbado, Elaine Whae, Jay Dathorne, Darlisa Ali, Scott Bender, Kenzo Lee and Unique Jenkins. Writer: April Maxey Producer: Skylar Andrews


Door Three

Throughout Dae's tumultuous relationship, their friends must figure out how to navigate getting them help without losing their friend in the process. Directed by Hypatia Sorunke and Cortiana Barnes, United States, 10 minutes. Stars Christina Blake, Faith Anderson, Jantel Hope and Anitika Knight. Writer: Hypatia Sorunke Producers: Sanetra Longno, Brian Khan



Two queer Black women on the heels of a break-up find themselves in a game of “Escape the Room,” forced to relive key moments from their relationship if they ever want to leave their once-shared apartment.   Directed by Molly Rose Heller, United States, 13 minutes. Stars Lindsley Howard and Mariah Naomi Sanchez. Writer: Taylor Steele Producers: Isabelle Lopez



When an illicit pic outs the daughter of two conservative Black/Afro-Panamanians, they must finally confront the elephant in the room. Directed by Cami Cruz Thomas, United States, 10 minutes. Stars Florinda Bryant, Hanna de Oliveira, Jose Febus and Bryan Edison. Writer: Darrel Alejandro Holnes Producers: Amelia Acosta Powell, Jacqueline Flores and Darrel Alejandro Holnes


The Birth of a Beautiful Butch

On the day of her school pictures, Alex, a gay high school senior, feels caught between who she is and what she's supposed to be. Directed by Gia-Rayne Harris, United States, 3 minutes. Stars Elena Heuzé. Writer: Andi Obarski Producer: Joss Utting


A Tomboi Love Story

Lost in regret when she lets a fleeting opportunity for love walk away, Quincy prepares herself for the moment she will surely see Jade again. Directed by Toni Branson, United States, 5 minutes. Stars Alexis “Soft” Rondon and Yenni Cerda. Writers: Tiffany Armour-Tejada and Toni Branson Producers: Toni Branson and Tiffany Armour-Tejada

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