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Feature Film: Rule of 3rds




Essex County College - Theater #1 - Saturday April 15 - 2:00p

Feature Film: Rule of 3rds

An insensitive, non-committal street photographer, Micki, accidently reconnects with her over-achieving, uptight former lover, Stephanie, when she hails a ride share to pick her up. Though currently dating someone she left Stephanie for two years prior, Micki impulsively invites her ex to tag along for her afternoon photo shoot. Directed by Sabbuur (Saki Bomb) Ikhlas, United States, 71 minutes. Stars Nikki Hewitt, Rachel Thundat and Lea Roequemore. Writer: Sabbuur (Saki Bomb) Ikhlas Producer: Steven Davis


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Jillian’s Peak

An African American woman who is afraid of marrying a man, deep down Jillian knows that she is a lesbian. For years she has been struggling with the truth that she is gay. Loosely based on the project’s co-creator Charzette Torrence, who recently passed.

Directed by Frank Blenman, United States, 12 minutes. Stars Ariel Paige, Holmes Lindsay IV, Hector Hicks, Thursday Farrar, Nora Smith, Deon Releford-Lee, Kenya Rachelle, Trell Marciano, Stefanie Colon, Hassan N. Farrow and Michael Sanders.

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